The 2023 California Legislative Roundup: Insights into Sacramento

Thursday, October 19th, 2023
Helms Design Center

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In recent years, the California legislature has become increasingly bold about wielding the power of state law to address the housing crisis and other land use matters. This year, the legislature yet again considered dozens of bills with major impacts on planning and development statewide and, especially, in urban areas like Los Angeles. It is sending the vast majority of them to the governor's desk, for signature or veto by October 14. This year's session was marked by bills addressing critical issues such as housing, CEQA reform, single-stairway buildings, independent redistricting for the Los Angeles City Council, orphaned oil and gas wells, limits on water usage, and a speeding cameras pilot program. 


Join us for an engaging and informative panel discussion to review the significant legislation passed--and not passed--in the 2023 session. This event aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest legislative changes and their impact on our communities and cities. Whether you are a government official, urban planner, developer, or community advocate, this discussion is essential for understanding how recent legislation will impact your work and our communities.


Justin Adams, Senior Economist, LAEDC Institute for Applied Economics
Matthew Glesne, Senior City Planner, Los Angeles City Planning
Konstantin Hatcher, Senior Director of Community Impact, CA YIMBY
Alex DeGood, Land Use Attorney, Cox Castle Nicholson

Elisa Paster, Managing Partner, Rand Paster Nelson