Westside Urban Forum is now in its third decade as the premier networking organization dedicated to the land-use dialogue impacting Los Angeles’ Westside. Our monthly speaker series features good company and distinguished insightful speakers focused on a lively debate about the future of our urban fabric.  As a group of developers, planners, designers, architects and community members engaged in all facets of planning and development, we seek to increase the quality of policy discussions impacting the Westside.

The Westside urban Forum ("WUF") is a forum, in the Roman sense of the term: a venue for free and open discussion and debate. Monthly breakfast programs bring together leading players from within our real estate community- important and influential people who speak from a variety of perspectives about matters of concern to all of us. Members and participants, benefiting from this exploration of ideas in the court of public opinion, find that WUF:

• Activates civic and professional dialogue
• Motivates stakeholders to solve issues of the day
• Attracts people of "unlike minds" to generate interesting and thought provoking debate
• Stimulates creative problem-solving
• Fosters interaction between diverse groups to help form and enhance long term professional
• Offers consensus building between the public and private sectors and among disparate special

WUF empowers us to create livable communities by focusing upon:

• Sensible urban planning
• Rational investment in infrastructure
• A clean environment
• Sustainable ecological practices
• Improved parks and open space
• Affordable housing

Each month WUF invites its Members and participants to review a different expert to moderate a new program on a non-partisan basis. Programs alternate, ranging from in depth analysis of specific real estate projects (micro) to overarching land use policies (macro). WUF's panels consist of bold leaders who forge and facilitate broad, balanced, and integrated perspectives on topics of economic, political, and social relevance. We meet, listen and exchange ideas together, then within our own personal and professional lives, work, develop, and strive to improve our urban environment.

By attending our monthly breakfasts – roughly the third Thursday morning of each month from 7:45 to 9:30 am - you will engage with your peers in an extended conversation to better your grasp of issues and improve your ability to craft solutions.