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  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 12:00 PM · 47 rsvps
    ZOOM Webinar in none, CA

    How to Ensure That Development Benefits Minority Communities

    In Los Angeles, with its long history of redlining and other racist land use policies, minority communities sorely need real estate development -- which is fraught with dangers for both communities and developers.

    Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza is a key shopping and entertainment destination in a predominantly Black and Latino community that had not seen substantial investment in decades. The arrival of transit – in the form of the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail line has brought substantial property value increases to the area and sparked renewed interest in the mall. However, it has also resulted in growing displacement of long-time residents and in rising resistance to gentrification. When a major local player made a bid to convert the mall to mostly offices earlier this year, resident opposition was strong and the bid was promptly dropped.

    What would equitable development for the Crenshaw Plaza look like? What have we learned about the complex challenges in redressing the structural racism that historically and currently drives urban inequities for people of color? Who defines the needs and opportunities? What are the real effects of “revitalization” on low-income, minority neighborhoods? How can developers and community members work together to ensure redevelopment addresses the needs of existing residents?

    We don’t promise answers to all these questions, but it would be hard to find people who bring more knowledge and wisdom – and varied perspectives – to the subject than our panelists.

    Vanessa Delgado, President, Azure Development, Inc.

    Dr. Belinda Allen, Executive Director, West Angeles Community Development Corporation
    Derek Fleming, 
    Senior Advisor, HR&A Advisors, Inc.
    John Gonzales, Board of Directors, Baldwin Hills Homeowners Association
    Donahue Peebles, Development Executive, The Peebles Corporation


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