NIIMBY or Niice? Impacts of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tension over development, while nothing new in Los Angeles, seems to have reached a fever pitch, transcending conventional policy discussions and leaping to the ballot box. The November passage of Measure JJJ set new requirements for the inclusion of affordable housing in market-rate developments. If passed in March, Measure S -- a/k/a the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative -- could have even farther-reaching consequences on growth, including a two-year ban on projects requiring amendments to the city's General Plan or zone changes.

Measure S's supporters and opponents have staked out their positions. But what will the measure actually do? How will it affect different stakeholders? 

This panel will go beyond campaign sound bites and explore in detail how the Measure S's passage (or failure) could impact development in the short and long-term. Will it achieve its stated purpose of protecting neighborhood character and preserving housing? Will it kickstart a General Plan Update? How will the interim ban on "spot zoning" affect housing production and affordability? How will developers of market rate and subsidized housing adjust to its provisions? How would Measure S interact with Measure JJJ? 

Please join us for a candid discussion as Los Angeles voters decide what the future of our city will look like.

Joyce Foster, board member of Westwood Community Council; former President of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission; former vice-president, Los Angeles Building and Safety Commission. 

Sheila Irani, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, 2015 Los Angeles Times-Endorsed Candidate for City Council District 4

Luke Klipp, Abundant Housing L.A.; President, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council 

Paul Rohrer, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP

Gail Goldberg, Executive Director, ULI-Los Angeles