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    Myths and Realities of Lobbying in Los Angeles (NONMEMBERS)

    Friday, May 19, 2017 at 07:15 AM
    The Olympic Collection in Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles doesn't have its own version of K Street, where Washington, D.C.'s, industry of power brokers sets up shop. Nonetheless, Los Angeles's city bureaucracy, and those of other local cities, is vast and it too has its corps of consultants and lobbyists who advocate for legislation and assist clients with projects. Among all local lobbying efforts, perhaps none are as numerous, intense, or contentious as those surrounding development. From variances, to general plan amendments, to planning commission hearings, and city council hearings, many developers would be lost without experts to guide them and, indeed, to advocate for them.  

    WUF is pleased to bring together a panel to explain what lobbying is and is not in the Los Angeles area. They will discuss lobbyists' roles and legal limitations, the projects they work on, the influence that lobbyists have, and the limits of that influence. And they will address common refrains about favoritism and the elevation of "special interests" over the common good.  

    Tanner Blackman, Partner, Kindel Gagan Public Affairs Advocacy
    Aaron Green, President, The Afriat Consulting Group
    Marc Mitchell,
    Vice President, Local Government, Cerrell Associates
    Jeff Seymour, Principal, Seymour Consulting Group

    Ed Reyes, Retired Councilmember, Planner 

    The Olympic Collection
    11301 Olympic Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90064

    7:00am Registration
    7:30am Breakfast
    7:45am Panel Discussion

    $40 members
    $55 nonmembers
    $10 student members
    $15 student nonmembers

    Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.  After May 17, 2017 and at onsite registration the cost will be an additional $10.00.  No refunds or credits will be provided after this date.

    **WUF offers a special, discounted rate for individuals involved in land use, planning, and development issues on a grass roots and neighborhood level on an unpaid basis. If you are interested in attending this WUF breakfast with a discounted rate, please send your request to info@westsideurbanforum.com with your contact information and description of your neighborhood level activities prior to May17, 2017. Certain restrictions apply.


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    2017 Westside Prize (NON-MEMBERS)

    Friday, June 09, 2017 at 11:30 AM
    Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, CA


    Technical Information for Ads:

    1/4 page: 3 7/8" h x 2 3/8" w
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    Full page:  8" h x 5" w
    Black and White only
    150 dpi minimum; 300 dpi maximum
    Jpeg file or tif file

    Deadline: May 26, 2017

    Submit ads to:  ellenisaacs1@gmail.com

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