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    Jesse Gomez: The Mexican Restaurateur

    All his life, Jesse Gomez wanted to be a lawyer, until one semester in law school cured that. Now he's into restaurants, not courtrooms. By the end of this year, he'll own six, which is not bad for a dropout. They all serve Mexican food, because that's his heritage. 
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    Making Food & Making Places: The Changing Economics of Restaurants in L.A. (NONMEMBERS - use this form to buy tickets)

    Friday, October 20, 2017 at 07:15 AM
    The Olympic Collection in Los Angeles, CA


    From street food to five-star dining, Los Angeles prides itself on its cuisine. But restaurants are not mere amenities. They are integral elements of the city's culture, important sources of employment and opportunities for entrepreneurship, tenants for landlords, and crucial elements of the places that planners and developers envision when drafting their plans and designing communal spaces. Indeed, the intersection of food, people, and the public realm is one of the great delights of urban life. 

    But these delights may be under threat. With rising rents, competition from delivery and home-cooking services, the new $15 minimum wage, and many other economic factors, many restaurants -- especially independent, mom-and-pop places -- are facing increased pressure. This month, WUF will investigate the economics of restaurants and discuss these threats, and consider the fate of placemaking in an age when planners might not be able to count on restaurants to "activate the street" and create "urban vibrancy" that their plans envision. 


    Eddie Navarrette, FE Design & Consulting
    Jamie Rogers, CBRE
    Susan Healy Keene, Beverly Hills Community Development Director
    Jesse Gomez, Founder, Cocinas y Calavras (Mercado, Maradentro, Yxta Cocina restaurants)

    Additional panelists to be announced.

    The Olympic Collection
    11301 Olympic Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90064

    7:00am Registration
    7:30am Breakfast
    7:45am Panel Discussion

    $40 members
    $55 nonmembers
    $10 student members
    $15 student nonmembers

    Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.  After October 18, 2017 and at onsite registration the cost will be an additional $10.00.  No refunds or credits will be provided after this date.

    **WUF offers a special, discounted rate for individuals involved in land use, planning, and development issues on a grass roots and neighborhood level on an unpaid basis. If you are interested in attending this WUF breakfast with a discounted rate, please send your request to info@westsideurbanforum.com with your contact information and description of your neighborhood level activities prior to October 18, 2017. Certain restrictions apply.

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    Westside Today // Westside commuters shift gears as cycling options increase

    Fueled in part by Metro’s Westside Mobility Plan, the issue of cycling topped the agenda at Westside Urban Forum’s (WUF) most recent panel discussion...
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    Los Angeles Times // Raise the minimum wage, but don't forget about the cost of housing

    One of the best reasons to raise L.A.’s minimum wage is the region’s incredibly high cost of housing...
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    Huffington Post // Are Bicycles Part of the Third Way in Los Angeles?

    This morning I attended a great panel discussion about bicycle mobility on L.A.'s Westside...
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