Westside Mayors Panel: Governance in Times of Prosperity

Friday, February 15, 2019

California, Los Angeles, and the Westside in particular have enjoyed an incredible run of prosperity over the past few years. That run won't necessarily end soon, but sentiments around the state point to this year as an inflection point. If we don't make progress on housing, homelessness, budgets, and responses to climate change, we may discover that we've missed our chance. Meanwhile, advances that may have seemed far off -- such as autonomous vehicles, "smart city" technologies, and even flying cars -- are becoming increasingly more realistic. 

This month at WUF, we will gather the mayors of four Westside Cities -- Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood -- to ask them to describe the mood in the region and in their cities and find out what they are doing to make the most of this moment. We will discuss budgets, development, transportation and traffic, technology, homelessness and social services, and the relationship between cities and Sacramento and D.C. The mayors will review their goals halfway through this fiscal year, and discuss their visions for how their respective cities fit into the culture, economy, and built environment of the greater Los Angeles area. And we'll ask how they intend to plan for an economic downtown, if and when it arrives. Please join us for WUF's signature winter event! 

Dr. Julian Gold, Mayor of Beverly Hills
Gleam Davis, Mayor of Santa Monica
John Duran, Mayor of West Hollywood
Thomas Aujero Small, Mayor of Culver City

Amy E. Freilich, Partner, Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac LLP