Confronting the Shame of Los Angeles

Friday, September 16, 2016

Of all the problems that Angelenos experience, firsthand or otherwise, on a daily basis, perhaps none is as shameful as that of homelessness. Always too large, the region's homeless population has grown amid the housing crisis of recent years. Encampments have taken over some public spaces and hearts break on every street corner. City and county officials have finally pledged to do something about this tragedy. Both the city and the county have devised homelessness plans and are promoting ballot measures that would fund them at least partially.

Has Los Angeles finally found the combination of compassion, political will, and funding to ease this humanitarian crisis? This month at WUF we will discuss the prospects for these plans and learn how the city, county, and other entities intend to turn intention into action. We will unpack the city and county ballot measures, learn where the money will go, meet some of the people leading these efforts, and discuss the plans' impact on land use issues, such as the development of affordable housing. Homelessness has long been a complex problem. This year we may finally find out if urgency can prevail over complexity.

Phil Ansell, Deputy Director, LA County Dept. of Public Social Services
Hon. Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Council Member, District 11 
Miguel Santana, City Administrator, City of Los Angeles
Ann Sewill, Vice President, Housing and Economic Opportunity, CCF 

Moderator Carla Hall, Los Angeles Times