The goal of the Westside Prize Design Awards is to recognize projects, programs, policies and academic studies that demonstrate excellence in city making and community building. The Westside Urban Forum is looking for work, small or large, built or unbuilt, that addresses the issues of planning and building for a livable future.


Deadline: Completed submissions including fees are due by
Monday, April 22, 2019 by 5pm


Please note: The Westside Urban Forum Board of Directors
and Westside Urban Forum design prize jury reserve the right
to change, combine or eliminate categories in
which your submission is made.


What Qualifies?

Eligible work

Boundaries include projects, programs, policies within all of Los Angeles County.


  • Schools

  • Mixed-Use

  • Public/Institutional

  • Public/Open Space

  • Retail

  • Multi-Unit Housing

  • Office

Project types


Projects completed in 2017 or after.

In process/unbuilt:

Projects commissioned in 2016 or after by identified clients with actual sites in Los Angeles County but which (a) are not yet completed or (b) will not be built but are/were expected to demonstrate a high level of innovation.


Competition entries are allowed as long as the entry was originally elicited by a client and competition is over, winner has been selected.


Specific plans, master plans, redevelopment plans or other governmental policies that have been formally approved or adopted in 2016 or after which are impacting Los Angeles County.


Academic or government studies or policies completed in 2016 or after, which are not yet formally adopted, but which represent innovative thinking in the areas of land use and planning relevant to Los Angeles County.